Monday, November 23, 2020

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How to use the meditation programs more effectively
Many life questions can be answered when we relax our physical body and our conscious mind and let our subconscious mind deliver to us the information which consciously we do not know is available to us. What we hope to achieve at the conscious level, but are often unable to, becomes possible when using meditations based on hypnosis.   In this way, we are able to access the subconsciousness and finally learn how to bring our goals into the conscious level of being - doing it your way.

Take the time to listen to the basic relaxation program that is included with most CDs. This wil teach your body and mind to relax and be more receptive to opening the doors to your inner knowledge.

When you are in this relaxed state the conscious mind is partly set off to one side.  The subscious then becomes very alert and narrows it's attention span.  Suggestions now given at this hypnotic level are many times more efficient than when given at the conscious level of mind.  They are accepted and become a part of you.

Establishing a regular routine of meditation is helpful when making the changes you want to make in your life.  Be patient! The rewards are well worth the time you invest, not to mention the health benefits you get from practicing a deep relaxation program.

Choosing the right program for you

When you use self-help hypnotic CDs, it is advisable that you repeat the program often until it becomes a part of you, and is accepted by your subconscious mind.  The use of these programs only once or twice will not bring the changes that you desire. The way that you are today has come about from repeated actions and thoughts that are constantly in your mind.  If you were to monitor your thoughts for a few days you may be surpised by the number of negative words, feelings and emotions that you had all of which go into your inner mind.

Positive thoughts

Positive words and thoughts for inner mental pictures that imprint themselves within your subconscious.  When these images are received when you are in a relaxed state, and a quiet state of mind, they are accepted easily into your belief system and begin to work with you on all levels of your



When you first begin to use self-hypnotic programs you need a period of time to condition yourself for going into relaxation.  This is a learning time which is accomplished in two to three weeks by using the deep relaxation program once a day.  After this time, you will be aware of senses and the feelings of mind-body relaxation and can then proceed with the main program.  From then on you may go on to use any self-help program without having to go through the two weeks conditioning period.  It is suggested that first time users follow this two week program and if you are experienced with meditation and relaxation it is not necessary to go through the two week conditioning period.

One at a time

Use only one type of self-help (or spiritual?) program at a time until you have achived the results that you want.  Jumping from program to program may confuse your inner mind and defeat your attempt at self-help.  These programs do not require any effort - simply lie back, close your eyes, relax and listen....let humanities greatest gift of imagination come into play.


Our Products
The majority CDs include a conditioning relaxation program. Below is a brief overview of each type of program we offer.

Self Help and Guided Meditation Programs
These programs include general health and wellness topics such as stress and tension reduction, sleep, headache, confidence, weight control, smoking cessation, boosting the immune system, tinnitus, improving study concentration, overcoming fears, lowering blood pressure, and so on.

Spiritual Development Programs
Open the inner mind's door using these guided intuitive subconscious programs. Titles include Meeting Your Guide, Back Atlantis, Meet Your Higher Self, Crystal Meditation, Balance Chakras, Past Life Regression, Contact Your Wise Inner Being, meditation with your pets,and so on. 

Personalized programs
We welcome the opportunity to make a program specific to your needs.  Please contact