Monday, November 23, 2020

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Company History


Kim_and_George.jpgThe Time Travellers, a Nova Scotia company, has been exploring the realm of the inner mind since the 70's.  The impetus began with a growing number of people looking for answers to life questions and the search of the nature of their soul.

Initially working with groups and individuals, travelling around the Atlantic Canadian region, the work of self exploration has evolved into individual exploration in three to four hour hypnosis sessions.


Time travel is an important tool for finding answers.  Hypnosis makes this possible.

Both Kim and George McAdoo are certified hypnotherapists through the National Guild of Hypnotists in practice since the early 90s. But their spiritual journey has been ongoing since the mid-70s.

About George

With a full time practice, in his spare time he writes a wide variety of meditations for issues ranging from health, stress and more current day topics like ascension. He also welcomes the opportunity to write personalized programs for specific issues a person is struggling with.

Both he and Kim have a passion for travelling and a special interest in Egypt and its history both from the architectural and mystical points of view.  In 1991 they travelled through Egypt for a month exploring the ancient temple sites.

George is born native to Saskatchewan but he would later say his home is Nova Scotia.  In 1974 his life path changed to focus more on the spiritual aspects of inner mental explorations and the unknown.

At that time, he experienced an overwhelming confirmation and insight to questions that he had had all of his life including the driving forces that influenced his life, especially the draw to move to Nova Scotia. Through a past life regression experience, he received information that he was later able to confirm through archival research as to the life he remembered.  This strengthened his belief in other lifetimes and started the whole journey of helping others find their answers within. Through years of study and research a firm belief in reincarnation was established.

Based out of his home studio, George develops and records new meditation programs and serves his clients in a safe, comfortable environment where a person discovers insights about themselves by "doing it their way".

About Kim

Kim has always had a profound interest in anything involving spiritual and intuitive beliefs.  She came from a family where her mother had a deep interest in the spiritual aspects of life and it was a common topic for discussion at the family table. She has explored many courses in spiritual and intuition. She loves to create things of beauty and has a deep interest in history. When she first met George she knew there was a past life connection and she and George explored many of these lives through hypnosis.  In many ways it has made a stronger connection between the two of them. She uses her intuitive abilities when enjoying her garden, and enjoys sharing this with George, as well.